Why Choose Us


We developed Prime Communicator to help manage a company’s overall communication strategy. The program brings together the key elements of your communications plan into one program. 

Combining these elements streamlines media monitoring and makes it easy to manage your communications strategy.

The key features of Prime Communicator include a custom newsfeed, social media management, an internal communications system, press release creation and distribution, and the ability to store and archive important articles and documents. 

While you can manage each of these tasks separately, doing so takes a lot of time. It's easier and faster to manage them using Prime Communicator. 

Using Prime Communicator saves time. You free you and your staff from the burden of managing communications. At the same time, your media mentions and communications will stay organized and accessible. You can even save your communications indefinitely. 

Prime Communicator simplifies managing your social media accounts. You can post updates to Facebook and Twitter - or both - with the click of a button. You can also post news and press releases to your website from within the program. 

Prime Communicator makes managing your communications plan easy and efficient. Get a free 14 day trial and see for yourself.