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The world’s first fully customizable RSS feed - now at your service.

Attract more visitors to your website by hosting the news that matters most to your customers or industry.

Keep clients and employees updated with the latest industry news.

Customized news feed lets you review, share and store articles based on your keywords.

Manage social media accounts from your news feed.

Create press releases to share with clients or your internal staff.

How? Our proprietary search software makes customizable news searches affordable.


Prime Communicator was developed to help manage a company’s overall communication strategy. This program was designed to cover all aspects of a communications plan by bringing together the key elements into one program, streamlining media monitoring and making management of your strategy more efficient.  

Key features of Prime Communicator include a customized newsfeed, social media management, internal communications system, press release creation & distribution and storing and archiving of important articles and documents. Each of these tasks could be managed separately through various online searches, or your team can utilize Prime Communicator; saving time and staff resources, while keeping media mentions and communications organized and saved indefinitely. This program also simplifies managing your social media accounts, as you can post updates to Facebook and Twitter, or both, with the click of a button. You can post news and press releases to your website from within this program. The goal is always to make managing communications more efficient.