Wednesday, February 04, 2015 12:00 PM


Another meeting of the Whitfield County Board of Education and another slew of donations from an anonymous benefactor.

Board members Monday night approved more than $200,000 in donations from the mystery donor in the latest round of giving.

“It is fantastic. We are so blessed,” said Superintendent Judy Gilreath. “The things we’re getting donations for are things that we really can’t afford to do on our own.”

Of late, the major contributions for school improvement projects have become as common as the meetings themselves. In total, more than $3 million has been gifted to the district so far.

Checks approved in Monday’s meeting will fund capital projects, trips and instructional classes for teachers and students in several schools.

Donations will allow for a new soccer field at Cedar Ridge Elementary (approximately $112,000); new baseball equipment, a batting barn and scoreboard at Southeast Whitfield High School (about $62,000); and computers and iPads at Cedar Ridge (approximately $68,000). Other projects will include new wrestling mats at Dug Gap Elementary, a Savannah trip for a class at Valley Point Middle School, teacher leadership classes at the University of Georgia and new archery equipment and a water filtration system for New Hope Elementary.

“What (these donations) mean is we’re able ...

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