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On Christmas morning, 250 children will receive bicycles thanks to Murray County native Frank Kilgore, who started Bikes for Tikes, a charity that is providing the bikes for children in Murray and Whitfield counties, this year.Kilgore said the bike-giveaway idea came from the memory of his mother who passed away last year. He was raised by a mill family in a small, two-bedroom trailer in Chatsworth, and Kilgore said his mother always saw that he and his brother had bikes under the Christmas tree.“I remember one time my mother telling my father that if she had to work two jobs, she would, to make sure her boys had a nice bike,” Kilgore said.The idea came after Kilgore had set aside money for a painting he saw in Hawaii that he wanted. His company, K Service, required Kilgore and his team to travel 300-plus days a year. Kilgore decided to put some money aside by staying in less expensive hotel rooms.When it came time to purchase the painting, Kilgore had a change of heart.“When I started searching for this painting a thing popped up on my computer about bikes for sale at Wal-Mart,” Kilgore said. “God has you in the right ...

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