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Dont be so quick to judge school lunch: In multiple studies[1] comparing a homemade lunch[2] to the lunch ladys fare, school meals were deemed healthier than what mom and dad packed. Still, packing lunch is an opportunity to create healthier habits and provide nourishing foods, and meals made in your kitchen put you and your family in control. And through repeated exposure, your home-packed meal teaches your child to enjoy new foods. Beyond that, studies[3] show that establishing healthy eating habits in these early years impacts a persons food choices later on. Thats why nutritious lunches are key! Here are some tips for packing a healthier school lunch as well as some inspiring recipes to get your school year off to the right start.

Embrace Whole Grains

If youre not packing whole grains for your child, youre missing an important opportunity to provide fiber, magnesium, and other notable nutrients. Youre also missing a chance to help your child expand his or her palette to include these healthy grains.

News source: NBC

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