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Photo: Wesley Wilson / MGN

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Photo: Wesley Wilson / MGN

Across the country thefall allergy season might be starting early this year.Kids with pretty bad symptoms of allergiesalready is been shown

Parents who have kids with known allergies should go ahead and start them on a daily over the counter medication. Something like Zyrtec or Claritin is what doctors suggest.

Drs.also still seeing a lot of pink eye which is very contagious. It's really important for kids with this to always wash their hands, and parents should remind them not to touch their eyes.

Doctors are still seeing a lot of Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease going around with the daycare and pre-school aged children.

Pediatricians are busy seeing kids with sore throats by a virus, although there is still a good amount of strep throat, too.

Doctors are also seeing a big uptick in RVS, a respiratory virus. It can present some pretty nasty cold symptoms in infants and young children.

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