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Chattanooga from Point Park. (Photo: Bob Butters)

Chattanooga is a destination city for a variety of travelers looking for family activities, nights on the town with friends and romantic encounters with significantothers. But, according to a recent blog post, the city might also be a great place to visit on your own.[1], an arm of focused on car rentals, listed rated Chattanooga on a list of 8 Solo Road Trip Destination[2] this week.

The blog attempts to rate the 8 locations based on affordability, amount of adventures and the variety of cultural experience offered in each destination.

Chattanoogas mention gets 4 stars for adventure and 4 stars for affordability, but only three for culture. The verbiage offers suggestions that are familiar to residents such as dinner at Main Street Meats, a visit to Rock City and Ruby Falls. Theres also a humongous art collection at the Hunter Museum of American Art.

Other cities include Roanoke, Virginia, Brunswick, Maine, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Sheridan, Wyoming and the quaint Rapid City, South Dakota.

Read the full article here.[3]


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