Tuesday, December 26, 2017 02:12 PM


GreenSpaces received a $300,000 grant from theSoutheastSustainable Communities Fund to continue its energy-efficient programs. (Photo: Contributed)

The city of Chattanooga, GreenSpaces and EPB will be streamlining energy-saving programming with the help of a new grant.

The $300,000 Southeast Sustainable Communities Fund grant will go toward GreenSpaces work with Chattanooga and EPB in 2018 and 2019 to help area residents find low-cost and no-cost ways to conserve energy.

We want to see our customers comfortable, EPB Director of Environmental Stewardship and Community Elizabeth Hammitt said. If there is an energy burden in a home, we want to see that become less of a burden.

Most of the grant money will go toward a new program beginning in January called Build It Green that will teach 18- to 26-year-olds energy-efficient construction techniques. The program will supply each attendee with a $10 an hour stipend to accommodatefor the time they take out of their normal schedules.

For more about GreenSpaces programming, clickhere[1]. To read a GreenSpaces feature in a national magazine, click here[2].

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