Wednesday, November 22, 2017 06:54 AM


How the Scenic City became a home for truly innovative entrepreneurship

Human beings are an incredible species. We dance, laugh, play, evolve, think, and come up with some extraordinarily brilliant ideas. For most, exclusive and potentially prosperous ideas die just as abruptly as they are born due to a multitude of obstacles, a lack of know-how, or resources to help them thrive.

It is a wonder how many people have thought up and/or spoken about solid gold ideas that could be the next big thing, ideas that could help the economy as well as produce a self-sufficient lifestyle for the idea holder. Ideas that could potentially change the world, or that could send an infinite ripple throughout space and time, only they never substantiated due to the fact that they simply did not know how to breathe life into them.

Ideas can reap monumental results with some vision, passion, a little luck, a lot of hard work, and some legitimate resources that can help them flourish. Unfortunately for many, due to the lack of any of those things, stellar ideas form like balls of sand, and crumble just as quickly as they were formed.

Where it is possible for people to successfully grow ...

News source: Chattanooga Pulse

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