Wednesday, August 30, 2017 12:47 AM


Gallery: Rossville Boulevard businesses get revamped with murals +7 more photos When Jackson Hendrickson drives home on Rossville Boulevard, he sees artwork he likes. That's because he created it. Hendrickson spray-painted murals on a number of businesses up and down Rossville Boulevard, including Chubby's Bar-B-Q, the Rossville Bottle Shop (Liquor & More) and Precision Auto Repair. The artwork is bold, eye-catching - and often comical. There's a Looney Tunes-esque "Three Little Pigs" theme to Hendrickson's paintings on three sides of Chubby's Bar-B-Q at 3801 Rossville Blvd., including a big, bad wolf recommending, "Don't do drugs ... EAT BBQ." More Info See Jackson Hendrickson's work online at and at Hendrickson also painted a SpiderMan-style pig on the barbecue joint - partly because he had lots of red and blue spray-paint on hand, and only a little bit of pig color left. "A few people have stopped and had their pictures made with it," said the restaurant's owner Deni Heaton, who praised Hendrickson's talent - and his speed. "He's great. He painted all that, the whole place, in like four hours." Another satisfied customer is Miguel Lopez, who owns Precision Auto Repair at 4406 Rossville Blvd., which Hendrickson adorned with ...

News source: Times Free Press

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