Saturday, August 26, 2017 12:47 AM


Enrollment at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga is up this fall from a year ago, leading the university to lease a new apartment complex near the downtown campus to handle the demand for student housing from incoming students. UTC Associate Vice Chancellor Chuck Cantrell said the final count of students won't be official for another couple of weeks. But he said housing demand was such that UTC couldn't handle all of the student dorm requests with its own facilities, which can house about 3,500 students. UTC contracted to lease the 36-unit Palmetto Place Apartments to provide housing for another 72 students when its own dorms couldn't meet the demand. "We had a greater demand for our campus housing than we were able to fulfill with what we had available," Cantrell said. "But we were able to rent the entire Palmetto Place and treat it just like any other UTC dorm." UTC's enrollment last fall totaled 11,533 and the student count is expected to be slightly higher this fall. Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam said he wants to see a bigger share of Tennessee adults going to college to boost the share of workers with some type of post-secondary certification or ...

News source: Times Free Press

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