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CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) Chattanooga is a very diverse city with the population accounting for 51% women and close to 40% people of color. Recognizing that most of the area nonprofit boards did not accurately reflect the diversity of the Chattanooga community as a result of having a difficult time in finding diverse talent, community leader and well known and respected attorney, Wade Hinton created Board Connector.

Board Connector is a new user-friendly networking website designed to help connect persons of color and women who desire board director opportunities to nonprofits aspiring to have more diverse and inclusive boards.

I have been very fortunate to have served on dozens of nonprofit boards and task forces over the past 20 years, said Wade Hinton. Frankly, the majority of the boards I have served on do not reflect the great diversity of the community in which I was born, raised, and moved back to in 1999. I also recognized that there are individuals who wanted to serve on boards but did not know the process, so I created Board Connector to be the solution.

Since its soft launch in the Chattanooga community in late April, more than 75 professionals and 20 nonprofits have registered.

Hinton did not ...

News source: WDEF

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