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Kenny Kudulis created this mural in about six days. (Photo: Staff)

An artists new mural on Sixth Street is the perfect photo opportunity for locals and tourists visiting the Scenic City.

Kenny Kudulis unveiled his Chattanooga mural during an open studio night at Chattanooga WorkSpace last Friday. Instead of using visual representations of the citysuch as his recent mural at 2 Sons Kitchen & MarketKudulis used graphic text to highlight iconic Chattanooga locations. [1][2]

The idea for this version came from his travels. Kudulis and his wife, Jenifer, spend most of their year traveling to art festivals in major cities.

In most of those cities, there is usually an awesome and colorful mural that represents that specific city, he said. Its a great spot for locals and tourists alike to take their pics and have a visual representation of the place they are currently inhabiting something to look cool in front of and share with friends. I wanted that for Chattanooga.

Locals and tourists will recognize Rock City, the Chattanooga Choo-Choo and an orange version of the word Tennessee to ...

News source: Nooga.com

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