Wednesday, July 26, 2017 12:47 AM


Gallery: Seaside-style 'New Urbanism' development comes to Chattanooga's Southside at 100 South Broad +4 more photos How do you squeeze a 21-foot-wide home onto a 28-foot-wide lot? Very thoughtfully, in the case of 100 at South Broad, a neighborhood of upscale, contemporary, two- and three-story houses and townhomes under construction behind the historic Southern Saddlery building. The tightly-packed, standalone homes all have a private side yard - because they only have windows on one side, with the exception of some high-up, clerestory windows in staircases. "They can't see out of the windows into this [side yard]," said the project's developer, Ethan Collier, founder, president and CEO of Collier Construction. "They're 7 feet away from the neighbor - they just don't feel it. That side yard isn't just a side yard - it's a courtyard." That's just one of the thought-out details at the 64-unit development, inspired by New Urbanism, a planning and development approach that promotes walkable streets, housing near shopping and accessible public spaces. One of the best known examples is Seaside, Fla., a private, master-planned community that was the backdrop for the film "The Truman Show." "Certainly that level of planning," said Collier, who considered such things as ...

News source: Times Free Press

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