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SACRAMENTO, Calif. As the automotive industry slowly rolls toward a future that is fully electric and self driving, California took a step this week to ensure that the two technologies go hand in hand. On Thursday, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed SB 500, requiring that all new light-duty, self-driving vehicles be zero emissions starting in 2030.

Self-driving cars hold the potential to make driving safer, less expensive and more convenient, but research from the Union of Concerned Scientists has also shown they are likely to result in more vehicle miles traveled, generating even more greenhouse gas emissions than human-powered vehicles.

What You Need To KnowSB 500 requires all autonomous vehicles in California be zero emissions by 2030California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed SB 500 into law this weekMore than 50 companies have permits to test autonomous vehicles in CaliforniaAutonomous vehicles logged 2 million miles on California public roads in 2020

Already, transportation accounts for 40% of the states climate-changing emissions.

SB 500 is a smart policy to ensure that driverless vehicles dont contribute to the problem, said Union of Concerned Scientists senior transportation analyst Elizabeth Irvin. The Union of Concerned Scientists is part of an Emission Zero Coalition that includes the autonomous vehicle companies Cruise ...

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