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January through April in Southwest Florida is peak tree pollen season, with trees like oaks flowering more than everand producing clouds of yellow pollen. This year seems worse than most, with yellow dust currently covering our cars, sidewalks and homes. Our area also gets more rainfall than usual in spring, which washes the pollen out of the air for a day or twobut with rain comes other allergens like mold.

Tree pollen is measured in particles per cubic meter of air. The average amount is about 50 pollen grains per cubic meter, but at a peak, which is in the air right now, is about 15,000 particles per cubic meter.Dr. Roger Danziger[1], an allergist, says these particles are microscopic, you can't usually see them, but you are walking into them all day long.

If you are someone who is polysensitized, or has multiple allergies, this time of year can be difficult. We asked Danziger and fellow allergist Dr. Jennifer Fergeson[2] to share tips for getting relief.

Can wearing a mask help with allergies?

Potentially, yes.

"The typical cotton mask does not block the ...

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