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Developing a plan for living with severe allergies can be a lifelong effort.

And for children that go to summer camp every year, those plans should include management instructions while away from home, according to Lynne Rodrigues, health director of Falcon Camp in Carrollton; Lauren Schmidt, camps and school program director at the Nature Center at Shaker Lakes in Shaker Heights; and Dana Severin, on-site nurse at Orange Community Education & Recreation in Orange.

All said their camp has a way of keeping track of and managing severe allergies, but all focus on clear communication and documentation.

We require all families to fill out an emergency medical form before the start of camp, and part of that is a pretty extensive allergen list, said Schmidt of the Nature Center at Shaker Lakes. And then we require them to tell us if they have an EpiPen, and if they do, our staff is First Aid certified in using them. The educator carries that around with them as they go on activities. If there is an allergic reaction, we can administer.

She added if a child has a mild allergic reaction, staff members also carry around Benadryl tablets to mitigate any condition quickly. And if there ...

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