Friday, February 20, 2015 10:00 AM


After a hiatus of several years, the city of Dalton plans to resume its Streetscape program, expanding it down Crawford Street.

The initial Streetscape project, which concluded in 2007, improved sewer systems and other infrastructure, both below and above ground, on Hamilton Street, Pentz Street and some side streets.

The city has expanded Streetscape to some other streets over the years, and officials have talked off and on about making Crawford Street one of those streets since at least 2010.

“We are using the same sidewalks and street amenities such as decorative streetlights and trees as we did on Pentz Street,” said Public Works Director Benny Dunn. “So we’ll just take that and turn it down Crawford and go to the Selvidge Street intersection.”

Dunn says this project probably won’t require as much renovation to subterranean utilities as the initial Streetscape work.

“I think Dalton Utilities is probably in good shape. We will check with them about water and sewer and everything before we finalize our plans,” Dunn said. “But we will have to do a lot of work on the storm drains. There’s a lot of old and undersized pipes in that area.”

City Administrator Ty Ross says the city has budgeted $80,000 for the ...

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